China was prepared to sell 300 JF-17 fighter jets Thunder

National Aerospace Import and Export Corporation of China (CATIC) is going in the next five years to sell at least 300 fighter aircraft JF-17 Thunder (Chinese designation of the FC-1 Xiaolong) Pakistan-China joint development. As the source reports with reference to Flightglobal, with reference to the representative of the corporation, the main sales planned by countries in Africa and the Middle East. To export aircraft will be delivered to both Chinese and Pakistani production.

Until now, the JF-17 fighter jets bought from Pakistan. In total, the Air Force of this country should adopt a 150 such aircraft. In this case the Pakistani Ministry of Defense does not exclude the possibility of increasing the order by another 50 fighters. Among the most likely buyers of Thunder CATIC representative named Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Venezuela, Turkey and Serbia.

JF-17 fighter

In the JF-17 fighters set the Russian RD-93, created on the basis of the RD-33 specifically for the Thunder. According to the CATIC, this fact should not prevent the successful export of the aircraft, because all of the country they are in good relations with Russia. The cost of one fighter aircraft JF-17 is 15-25 million dollars, depending on the modification.
In 2010 representatives of the Chinese company’s Chengdu Aircraft, letting the FC-1, was told that potential buyers of the JF-17 are those states that look for replacement of obsolete Soviet MiG-21s, French Mirage V, an American F-5 Tiger II, as well as the Chinese Nanchang A-5 (established on the basis of the MiG-19) and the Chengdu F-7 (copy of MiG-21).

Chinese Air Force previously considered the possibility of making the FC-1 for service, but abandoned the idea and decided to more actively develop a family of fighters J-11, representing a modified copy of Russian Su-27.

In November 2011 it was reported that interest in purchasing the JF-17 shows the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. At that time it was known that the two sides held preliminary talks, which have agreed on the delivery of aircraft. Other details of a possible deal were not specified.

Finally, in March 2010 it became known that the Egyptian government started negotiations with Pakistan on joint production of JF-17 fighters. Venture to build aircraft scheduled to open in the African country. Egypt’s Ministry of Defense estimated the amount of time possible purchase of the Pakistani-Chinese aircraft in 48 units.