The U.S. Boeing Company unveiled a new design for the wingtips of the aircraft Boeing 737MAX. This, apparently, the last key innovation that will affect the aircraft before its design is finally frozen. In April, Boeing announced a structural change in the fuselage and landing gear 737MAX, necessary to adapt the new engine.

According to the aircraft manufacturers, the new design wingtips, which is informally called a “double pen” will save up to 1.5% fuel, depending on flight distance compared to the single-aisle aircraft currently operated this type, and in addition to the 10-12% savings fuel, which is achieved through the use of new engines LEAP-1B production of CFM International, the total fuel saving will reach 11,5-13,5%.

Boeing 737MAX

According to the chief engineer of Boeing Maclay Tila, a new type of airplane wingtips Boeing 737MAX most effective among all the existing types are used on single-aisle Sun According to him, the uniqueness of the “double pen” is that it consists of two parts: the longer part is directed upward from the wing, and shorter – down. This arrangement increases the effective wing span and reduces air resistance, which has a positive effect on the aerodynamic properties of the entire aircraft as a whole. Teel added that the weight of the aircraft will not change, and the length of the wing with wingtips of a new type will be only a few inches longer than the Boeing 737 currently used single wingtips. Teal said that the innovative design of a new type wingtips specialists have developed a direct Boeing. Aerodynamic properties were calculated by computer simulation, and then were tested aircraft Boeing 737MAX in a wind tunnel. According to Tila, these tests confirmed the concept of “double pen”. While the wing tips of a new type is not used on any commercial aircraft.

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