American Airlines The Biggest Airline in the World

American Airlines (IATA code: AA,┬áICAO Code: AAL) – ??one of the largest airline of the United States, the 2007 world leader in the number of passenger-kilometers and the second airline in the world after Delta Air Lines passenger fleet size. Since 1979, the airline’s headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas (before the headquarters was located in New York). There is also the main hub and the airport, Dallas / Fort Worth (Dallas / Fort Worth International) , and 85% of flights out of which the airline American Airlines. The other major hubs are located in Chicago O’Hare (ORD) , Miami (MIA) and New York (JFK) . Since 1982, the AA is a subsidiary airline Corporation AMR Corporation. Since 2002, the president and managing director of the airline is Gerard Arpi.

The history of American Airlines began in 1926 with the first postal flight from Chicago to St. Louis, committed by Charles Lindbergh, pilot, airline “Robertson Aircraft Corporation” . In 1930, 82 small aircraft operator, including Robertson, were united in a corporation American Airways, located in New York, with the first flights from Boston, New York and Chicago to Dallas and from Dallas to Los Angeles. In 1934 with the arrival of a new investor the airline acquired its current name. Prior to 1936 the fleet consisted of AA aircraft Fokker Trimotor and Curtiss Condor. Since 1936, aircraft began to be used Douglas DC-3 , designed by Donald Douglas. By February 1937 passenger traffic reached one million AA. While the airline was in the lead in the local market by number of transported passenger-kilometers. During the Second World War, half of the Fleet of AA has been used for military purposes, and by 1949 the company became the only U.S. carrier that uses the full post-war passenger fleet, consisting only of pressurized aircraft. In 1953, the AA has made ??first transcontinental flight across the United States in both directions, using the new aircraft Douglas DC-7. In 1957 the airline opened the world’s first educational institution for the flight attendant, American Airlines Stewardess College. The first electronic booking system “SABRE”, created in collaboration with IBM, was launched in the early 60s, and by 1985 for booking flights it has been used for more than 10,000 travel agency.

American Airlines

AA was the first major airline pilot hired a woman, Bonnie Tiburtsi for flights on Boeing 727 in 1973. In 1981 the AA introduced the world’s first revolutionary AAdvantage marketing program for the regular flyer. To date, the number of members of the program is more than 50 million people. In 1982 the airline acquired its first Boeing 767 , and carried its 500 millionth passenger, and nine years later, the total passenger traffic reached a point in one billion. In 1995 he earned the airline’s Web site , for which in 2000 received an award AA “CIO Magazine’s 2000 Web Business 50/50 Award”. C 1997 for all flights AA has spread a ban on smoking on board. In 1999, AA, along with four other major airline operators ( British Airways , Cathay Pacific , Canadian Airlines , Qantas Airways ) airline alliance founded “oneworld”.

Air is the airline’s fleet of 613 ships (March 2010), airlines Boeing, more than a third of which – McDonnell Douglas (Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997). Also uses AA airliners Boeing 757-200 (100 airplanes), Boeing 737-800 (70), Boeing 767-200ER , Boeing 767-300ER , Boeing 777-200ER . The average age of aircraft in 2009 is 15.3 years.
To date, AA operates flights on 4 continents – 46 countries to 76 international destinations. The internal route network of 81 area. The longest flight thro – “Chicago – Delhi”, carried out on a daily Boeing 777 in 2007. In June 2008 the AA became the first U.S. carrier, opened a flight thro Chicago – Moscow ( Domodedovo ).

Since the founding of the airline was more than 40 incidents and accidents that killed more than 1,000 people. The greatest number of accidents accounted for 40 ┬░-50s of the year. Two American Airlines aircraft company were captured during the attacks of 11 September 2001 and aimed at the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

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