Airbus A350

Airbus A350 – long-range widebody airliner, the average capacity. Concern about to Airbus A350 to be commissioned in 2013 and the first flight scheduled for 2012. The main competitors the A350 are  Boeing 777 and Boeing 787.

Airbus A350 body

History of the Airbus A350

Boeing Corporation announced the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, said that the lower cost of operation of 787 would be a serious blow to the Airbus A330. At Airbus, said that the company did not see 787 competitors and will not take any retaliatory steps.
Despite this the company agreed with Airbus to create a competitor, because according to a new model of Boeing 787 had to be more economical to 20%. Concern first Airbus decided to create a new model based on the A330 (to improve aerodynamics and engines), called the A330-200Lite . This decision did not satisfy the airline and the following decision was made ??- to allocate 4 billion euros to build the new A350.
The first version of the A350 looks much like the A330. However, in combination with new composite materials, new wings, engines and tail stabilizers are made almost entirely new A350 aircraft.
A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body / optional extended fuselage)

To meet the wishes of airlines in the mid-2006 significantly revised the concept of Airbus A350. The new version has to compete with a larger Boeing 777, as well as some models of the Boeing 787, having an extended fuselage that can accommodate up to 9 passenger seats in a row for economy class. A330 and A350 past the concept could only have 8 passenger seats in each row. 787 can accommodate 8 or 9 passenger seats in a row, and 777 – 9 (rarely 10) seats. At eye level seated passenger cabin A350 to 13 cm wider than the 787 and 27 cm narrower than the Boeing 777, another of his rival. All passenger modified A350 XWB will have a flight range of at least 15 000 km.

Airbus A350 Cabin

Comparative sizes of the three modifications of A350

Airbus A350 will be available in 3 versions: A350-900 will be put into operation in 2013, A350-800 – in 2014, and the last to be commissioned A350-1000 in 2015.
A350-800 with 3 classes of comfort will be able to carry 270 passengers at a distance of 15,400 km.
A350-900 will be first launched in 2013 and can carry up to 314 passengers in 3 classes of comfort. Maximum range – 15 000 km. According to the Airbus, A350-900 will be 30% less per seat and have a 25% lower operating costs compared to the Boeing 777-200ER [3]. In the future we plan to create commercial versions A350-900F (Freighter), as well as long-range version of the A350-900R.
A350-1000 will be commissioned in 2015. This is the largest model of the A350 family will be able to carry 350 passengers in 3 classes of comfort. Maximum range – 14 800 km.

Airbus A350 cockpit

Airbus A350 performance

Features A350-800 / A350-900 / A350-1000
Crew 2 pilots
Capacity (Class 2) 312/366/412
Capacity (Class 3) 270/314/350
Length 60.6 m / 66.9 m / 73.9 m
Wingspan 64 m
Wing Area 440 m ²
Swept wing 35 °
Height 16.9 m
The width of the fuselage 5.96 m
The width of the cabin 5.61 m
The maximum takeoff weight 245t / 265t / 295t
Cruising speed Mach 0.85 (903 km / h at an altitude of 12,190 m)
The maximum speed 0.89 Mach (945 km / h at an altitude of 12,190 m)
Range (km) 15400/15000/14800
The maximum amount of fuel 150 000 liters
Service ceiling 13,100 m
Engines (2 ×) Rolls-Royce Trent XWB
Engine thrust 333 kN / 387 kN / 422 kN

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