Cessna 172 Skyhawk – a light multipurpose aircraft, developed by U.S. firm Cessna Aircraft Co. In the late 60s the company became a Cessna carry out work on the modernization of the family of aircraft Model 172. Jets re-equip engines Lycoming O320E, cheaper than engines O300. The first modification is equipped with similar engines, introduced in 1968. Modification of received the designation Model 172L. Further improvement of the machine was to change the design of the wings. The latest model of this modification, Model 172P, equipped with an engine Lycoming O320D appeared in 1985. At its base was released on a special high-speed modification of the Model R172 Hawk XP -equipped engine IO360.
Cessna 172 Skyhawk – the most popular aircraft in aviation history. Since 1956, built more than 43,000 aircraft. Production was halted in the mid-80s, but was resumed in 1996 with a more powerful engine.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna 172 models

basic version of the 172 appeared in November 1955 as a model in 1956 and remained in production until replaced by a model 172A in early 1960. The aircraft mounted aiCessna 172 Skyhawkr-cooled six-cylinder engine Continental O-300 to 145 hp (110 kW). The base price of the aircraft was USD $ 8995. A total of 4195 cars built in five years. Cessna 172A in 1960, was released on a model 172A. Changes: oprerenie tail and rudder to reverse sweep and mounting for float landing gear. Price of the car: USD $ 9450, just released: 172C Cessna 172B At the end of 1960 was presented as a model 172B aircraft in 1961. Changes: three inches shorter engine mount, the shorter base of the chassis, modified hood and cowl screws, increased takeoff weight. Initially, the name “Skyhawk” is used for the model 172B in the embodiment Deluxe. Cessna 172S model in 1962. Changes: As optional equipment began to be installed autopilot, electric starter replaced the previously used mechanical. Chairs were able to adjust in six directions. There was an optional child seat for two children to be placed in the luggage compartment. Price: USD $ 9895. Total production 889 pieces 172C. Cessna 172D In 1963, a model 172D. Changes: the outlines of the rear fuselage – added circular rear window in the cockpit, whole windshield. New rudder and brake pedals. Were built in 1146. In the in 1963 well as the was released in the light 172D Powermatic. He was placed on the motor Continental GO-300E with a capacity of 175 hp, which increased the cruising speed of 11 miles per hour, compared with the usual 172D. In fact, this aircraft was not a new model, though he later got his own name Cessna 175 Skylark. This aircraft has earned a reputation as an unreliable machine with the power plant and it was an attempt to rename the company to improve sales through rebranding. Total production: 1015. Cessna 172E Model 1964. Changes: electrical fuses are replaced by AZS. Increased to 2,300 lb takeoff weight, which will remain unchanged until the model 172P. It was built: 1401 vehicles. Cessna 172F model was made ??until 1971, including the license in the French Rheims. Changes: electric flaps. The basic model of military aircraft of the initial training T-41A Mescalero. Total built: 1436.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Perfomance

Modification Cessna 172N
Wing span, m 10.92
Length, m 8.21
Height, m 2.68
Wing area, m2 16.30
Weight, kg
Empty 649
maximum take-off 1043
Engine Type A PD Lycoming O320H2AD
Power, kW 1 x 160
Maximum speed, km / h 232
Cruising speed, km / h 226
Range, km 1065
Max. rate of climb, m / min 235
Service ceiling, m 4328
Crew A
Payload: 3 passengers

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