Antonov An-225 cockpit

During the first hundred years since the Wright brothers historic flight by one of the main directions of development of aviation was to increase the take-off weight of aircraft. When referring to remember the history of the problem of genius Igor Sikorsky and Claude Dornier, Andrei Tupolev, and Howard Hyuz, view the majestic panorama depicts the efforts of companies in Bristol, Convair, Boeing and Lockheed to build the largest aircraft of its time. Each of these machines was the visible symbol of technological progress, and therefore not only gave food to personal ambition of the designers, but has always played a role as one of the most important reason for national pride. In this competition for over 12 years the leader has only one aircraft – Antonov An-225 Mriya, and the real competition it is still not clear. Its stated takeoff weight up to a fantastic value – 600 tons, nearly 200 tons more than the modern achievements of other aircraft.
Unique aircraft at all times distinguished with unique destinies. And the biography of the An-225 – one more proof of this. This car was born in an impenetrable curtain of secrecy of the Soviet space program, but before the first flight has become a worldwide sensation. After a year and a half Mriya has made headlines around the world, a star of first magnitude flashed on the most prestigious air shows, walked cover any and all aviation publications, but at the same time, lost her job, was abandoned airfield on the outskirts of the mother, and soon became a source of spare parts for performing commercial Ruslan flights. A sad monument to a vanished suddenly aviation industry of the Soviet Antonov An-225 long remained for seven years. And then – a miracle! Mriya again in the sky / Like a decade ago, the plane back in the spotlight aviation community. It was revived in order to start a new life for himself in the new arena – the commercial transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.
The middle of the seventies of last century (as, however, is still strange to use that phrase!) Was marked by significant advances in space exploration. By the time the satellite constellation of the USSR and the USA have become integral components of overall economic and military infrastructure in the near-Earth orbits firmly established long-term manned space stations, the first steps away from confrontation to international cooperation in this field. Then it seemed that the pace of space exploration will be more and more increase, and therefore need new, reusable launch vehicle to orbit payloads, which are at a sufficient frequency of use of cost-effectiveness greater than the traditional single-carrier rockets.
Under this slogan in the United States deployed intense work on a reusable space transportation system of the Space Shuttle, and soon the Soviet Union, is in the spirit of the time, decided to develop its own system with similar characteristics. February 17, 1976 published a secret decision of the CC CPSU and USSR Council of Ministers on the establishment of 132-51 Buran space systems, and Dawn, later changed to energy. Provided for the construction of space vehicles of unprecedented size and weight, the individual units which were built in the enterprises of the central regions of the USSR, and the final assembly was to be made directly at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Thus, the delivery of needed parts of the launch vehicle and spacecraft assembled at a distance of 1500-2500 km. In this project the length of some of them reached 60 meters, diameter – 8 meters. In addition, depending on which on-orbit tasks, Buran could make stops at airports located throughout the territory of the Soviet Union – from Ukraine to the Far East. From there, it was necessary to re-deliver to the Baikonur launch next to the site.
All this is promised to become more technical and economic problem. To solve it by road, rail and water transport were completely futile because of the need for construction of new and reconstruction of existing roads, alteration of bridges, tunnels, extension, raising the power lines, etc. The only real traffic seen by air. Well aware of this, the leadership of the Ministry of Aviation Industry turned to Oleg Antonov to develop a project of the aircraft, specifically designed for transporting blocks of space systems. Around the same time – at the turn of the 1980-81 period – during the working meetings with Oleg Konstantinovich their new ideas shared Gleb E. Lozino-Lozinski, General Designer of NPO Molniya, which designed the Buran. He set the goal of a larger scale – to develop a reusable space transportation system is not vertical, and horizontal launch, where the first stage, it’s a plane, and the second – a small space shuttle with a fuel tank. The plane in this case was converted from a relatively simple transporter at the flying space center, from behind which the hook to the tank with a total mass of 170 tons would have to start on the orbit.
These refer to Oleg Konstantinovich was no accident – he headed OKB just labored to build An-124 – the lifting at the time the aircraft in the world. Ruslan future could well serve as the basis for the special plane to transport cargo space, and a flying space center, as permitted under the terms of the strength of the maximum mass of its payload just was about 170 tons. (Recall that the set later in the An-124 world record of 171.219 tones of equal capacity.) The problem was only that Ruslan has not been easy. Its just had to finish and test what took years. Moreover, we note that the basic version of the aircraft for an air launch from the back of his spacecraft is not suitable in principle – it falls into the vertical tail of the jet engines of the shuttle. And the tail is almost ready to rework aircraft, approved by all the institutions of the Customer and the Commission held a layout, Antonov could not go. Therefore, the designers in Kiev attempted to modify for use as a transporter (as a related problem), the famous Antaeus. In principle, such a modification was possible in two ways: placing cargo on top or inside the heavily bloated rear fuselage whose diameter is planned to increase to 8.3 meters. The first method was unsound because of the complexity of providing directional stability and controllability of the aircraft in the presence of so large an external object, the second – because of the strength and layout problems. In general, even as a temporary measure so the plane could not get.
Under these circumstances, the creators of space systems have been forced to place their hopes on the VM-T – a modification of 3M strategic bomber built under the direction of Myashishev in the mid-1950s, is able to close the problem at least for the period of construction of the first set of energy- Buran. The modification was to increase the strength of the production aircraft, equipping its units outside the suspension and two-keel fins, which provided an opportunity for transportation on the back of the plane long loads. The plane turned tense for many strength and aerodynamic parameters – too big for him were the size of some cargo space. For example, the diameter of the central block of the carrier energy exceeds the diameter of the fuselage of the VM-T 2.5-fold. As a result, some flights (a total of two constructed instance of the VM-T for the years 1982-88 completed 150 flight to Baikonur on transportation from manufacturers of system components Energia-Buran) were associated with risk and often ended successfully thanks to the courage and professionalism of the crew. In addition, the VM-T could not carry all the required range of goods. In particular, the Buran, they could lift only without a vertical tail, and internal hardware, so to reset it in the air as the Boeing 747 dropped Shuttle, it was not possible. Yes, and age of aircraft, issued by a quarter of a century before the events are constantly reminded of the need to develop their urgent replacement.
In view of these circumstances, the attention space of firms re-riveted to the Antonov Design Bureau, especially at the end of 1982 began flight tests of Ruslan. Its potential transport capacity to transport components allow system Energia-Buran in finished form, and the central unit of Energy, even docked, that is, hydrogen and oxygen tanks together. However, the external transport long loads are still hampered odnokilevoe vertical tail machine. On the other hand, by the time the designers of NPO Molniya completed another cycle of reusable design study of the transport system with a horizontal start and came to the conclusion that the mass is separated from the aircraft load is not equal to 170, and 220-270 tons. As a result, it became obvious that to use as a first step in this system, as well as transporter Burana and elements of Energy An-124 is not suitable, you need to create an even more versatile lifting the aircraft carrier.
This task is impressed. And not only for its grandeur in a purely technical sense, but the scale of funding that would be to try to knock at her. And the glory of the front waiting for a considerable – no joke, had to create the world’s largest airplane! Future projects giant promptly submitted for consideration by several organizations, including those who, as experts say, not really thought about how to implement their proposals. Still, in this case required, and engineering experience and knowledge of the large aircraft, and the extraordinary technological capabilities. But critics of the projects in our task today is not included. Suffice it to say the main thing: they all provide for the creation of an entirely new aircraft, and aircraft – to emphasize once again – a giant, with all its attendant economic consequences. A national economy of developed socialism has made it notable failures and program of this scale (in addition to the many others!) Could not overpower.
Therefore, the proposal Antonov Design Bureau, which provided for the creation of such an aircraft with a maximum use of existing components of the An-124 was virtually uncontested. It was born in a prospective design department, directed by O.K.Bogdanov. The first sketches of the new airplane appeared on the drawing boards of brigade general (chief-O.Ya.Shmatko) in the second half of 1983, and by the summer of the next appearance of the machine has already been formed. It provided for the use of detachable parts of the wing Ruslan, and it is in the form in which they are made Tashkent Aviation Production Association. Wing turned out much larger due to the new center-large proportions, which were suspended two additional engine, also applied to the An-124. The fuselage lengthened by inserting additional sections in the zone of constant cross-section on the upper surface of the fixture is mounted external loads. As the load on the tail of the fuselage dramatically increased, it was proposed to remove the cargo hatch out. Nose landing gear provided to strengthen, the number of major – to increase to seven on each side, with four of their number to the rear swiveling. Of course, the tail turned into a two-keel. The aircraft was equipped with a system of pressurization and temperature control of cargo on external sling and a system of monitoring and maintaining the pressure in them. So this is a project of the aircraft, which could not only with the appropriate level of security, and transport the Buran blocks of energy, but also serve as a promising first step for reusable aerospace systems, as well as used for the carriage of cargo in the interests of the economy.
The concept of future AN-225 became final shape under the leadership of P.V.Balabueva, who headed the bureau in 1984. He organized a large-scale work on the many issues with the undocking of space companies, the establishment of industrial cooperation as part of the aviation industry, to establish rapport with the customers of the new aerospace systems. Tactical and technical specification for the universal transporter aircraft was approved by them October 16, 1986, and May 20 next year, the Resolution of the CC CPSU and USSR Council of Ministers 587-132 which gave the program a AN-225 into law.
Full-scale development of the new aircraft took three and a half years. Usually this period of creation of any aircraft is characterized by a significant alteration of the preliminary draft, especially if the first were going to be used without any changes of the other aircraft. As a rule, the stage of detailed design ruthlessly smashes such illusions, but – again, as a rule – it does not matter, because the order is already in your pocket. In this case, and it wants to emphasize the above-described first design hypothesis, due to the high level of performance is almost not changed. In the end, and the detailed design and construction of AN-225 were, in general, quite smoothly – to say a huge experience of the team that created the large family of transport planes and remain in its best form. But it was not a period of calm, on the contrary – ASTC. ASTC and hundreds of other organizations worked hard translating the project into reality. Overall scheme of cooperation for the construction of the aircraft was similar to the one that worked so brilliantly in the construction of the first Ruslan. Console and a new wing center section made Tashkent, and in Kiev, they were brought back Anthea. Chassis made in Kuibyshev hydraulic elements of the complex – in Kharkov and Moscow, in the construction of many large aggregates of aircraft took part Kyiv Aviation Industrial Association, all were involved in more than 100 plants.
AN-225 was born on November 30, 1988. Appeared in the literal sense – in that gloomy day, when the chilly fall almost entirely into a snowy winter, the aircraft rolled out of the solemn assembly shop under the open sky. Thousands gathered for a rally on the occasion of the designers and workers first saw the inscription on its board Mpiya, inflicted the night before. There were brief speeches, followed by a numerous staff of the founders of the latter-day giants sold on workplaces to note the fact of his birth what God has sent. The aircraft was towed to the factory airfield and handed over to the test team, and his chief designer for a long time answering questions from journalists, including those concerning the name. The dream is the infinity of human thoughts and desires, – said P.V.Balabuev. – The dream takes us forward and will never disappear as long as man lives on the planet. And if the plane was born on Ukrainian soil, even on the board is the word of her language – Mriya.
A good family history, inherited a new car from the An-124, positively affected the timing of ground tests of onboard systems AN-225. For 3 and 4 December, the aircraft made its first independent steps at the factory airfield in Svyatoshino: taxiing, turns and runs up to 200 km / h with the rise of the front landing gear. The behavior of the car was exactly as expected, and the first flight was scheduled for quite a close date – December 20. But that day the weather was not allowed to raise the An-225 in the sky. The next day the weather is also not pleased: low clouds, back-to-side wind would bring charges of snow. But all the same plane – on the runway. He ran about 950 meters, the Mriya easily detached from the ground and goes into the overcast winter sky. The car picked up a crew consisting of commander A.V.Galunenko, copilot S.A.Gorbik, a senior flight engineer A.M.Shuleschenko, flight engineer V.A.Gusar, S.F.Nechaev navigator, radio operator and V.A.Beloborodoe Senior Engineer M.G.Harchenko flight tests.
The first flight lasted 1 hour 14 minutes, is traditionally determined by the characteristics of stability and controllability of the new aircraft, a variety of refined aerodynamic correction, test the on-board systems and equipment. The flight showed full compliance with the actual characteristics of the Antonov An-225 Settlement and the identity of the real behavior of the aircraft in the air earlier in the simulated stand. Everything went so well that the Honored Test Pilot USSR A.V.Galunenko after the flight told reporters: Well, absolutely no comment. All in good order. Designers are suitable, and we to them, if they’ll continue to make such aircraft, service test pilots simply do not need.
Of course, in this phrase a few Alexander simplified the real situation, however, the test aircraft actually went without major problems. They have become another convincing proof of the correctness of the idea of creating the An-225 has already passed on the basis of all the necessary checks Ruslan. Through most of the structural continuity of components and assemblies, the identity of many elements of systems and equipment onboard the aircraft was able to significantly reduce the required amount of test flights of An-225. December 28 Mriya made a second flight, and February 1, 1989 has already been presented by the Soviet and foreign journalists in Kiev Borispol airport. March 22 was one of the most significant days in the history of the An-225 – he flew in a beaten world records. After a careful weighing of cargo, the weight of which amounted to 156.3 tons, and the sealing of openings centralized refueling Mr1ya rose into the air. The countdown of the highest achievements began immediately after take-off. Entered into rivalry with the American Boeing 747-400, which then belonged to the record of maximum takeoff weight (404.8 tones), AN-225 blocked the achievement of a just 104 tonnes. In flight, it was found not 106 as expected, and 110 world records at once! Including the flight speed record on the closed route length of 2,000 km with a cargo of 155 tons – 815.09 km / h, the altitude record with this burden – 12430 m 3 hours 45 min Mriya landed.
Of course, the An-225 was not created for the records, and soon the plane took up his line of work. May 3, 1989 Mr1ya launched from Baikonur airfield, bringing back its first cargo – air-Buran space plane weighing over 60 tons. Over the next 10 days, the crew headed by Galunenko made several test flights, which was estimated handling this ligament, measured flight speed and fuel consumption. A May 13, this unique transport system has performed non-stop flight of 2,700 km-route Kyiv-Cosmodrome in 4 hours 25 minutes, and its take-off weight was 560 tons.
For the aircraft and its founders came big time. During a short stay in Kiev for a bunch of amazing two huge aircraft came to see thousands of people. Photos taken during the flight, placed, perhaps, all the newspapers and magazines of the USSR. And when Mriya with Buran flew to France on the 38 th International Aerospace Show in Le Bourget, they were already watching hundreds of thousands of people from vsehugolkov planet. AN-225 was an instant worldwide sensation. Technique – a miracle, to the point that one can imagine in our rapid time!, Heart overflowing with pride in the strength of the human mind at the sight of this fantastic machine, a huge aircraft like yours the Soviet Union, thanks … – These estimates are taken from the enthusiastic multilingual hefty book reviews, which was on board the Antonov An-225 at the time of the passenger compartment.
But Paris was only the beginning of an unprecedented triumphal procession. In August 1989 the aircraft is sent to an air show in Vancouver (Canada). Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, saw the flight of the An-225, said that Soviet airmen who flew to Canada on their airplanes, gave us a holiday. In September Mpiya visits to Prague and demonstrated at the Exhibition of the CMEA countries. The following year, the aircraft involved in the Air Show in Farnborough (UK) and two U.S. air show: in Oklahoma City and Seattle. The world’s largest aircraft attracted a huge number of Americans. How to remember members of the flight, probably in all the States in those days there was a huge queue, which stretched to the An-225 fuselage, so it was willing to go on board. We make the biggest passenger aircraft in the world, – said the representative of the Boeing Rick Haukinson. – But we bow Antonov-225. In 1991, the aircraft visited Shannon (Ireland), 1992 – Montreal (Canada), Kolumbos (USA) Las Vegas (USA). In August, 1993 Antonov An-225 saw the visitors Mosaeroshow in Zhukovsky near Moscow, and in December – Exhibition in Dubai (UAE). In 1994, the giant from Kiev applauded Singapore and Sharjah. It is interesting to note that all of these exhibitions An-225 flew far from empty – it was used for the transport of Ukrainian exhibitions.
During this period, the aircraft completed the first commercial flights. In May 1990 the AN-225, piloted by S.A.Gorbikom and I.I.Bachurinym, brought from Chelyabinsk to Yakutia tractor T-800, whose mass is greater than 110 tons. This expedition to the Arctic Circle, in addition to the national economy, was of great experimental value, as provided valuable material for studying the transport capacity of the new aircraft and the evaluation of his work in the North. Then began the flights in the U.S. and Canada to deliver on the Ukrainian land out of hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid. However, world fame, so swiftly won by air, there was only one side of the coin. Just at a time when the enthusiastic speeches abroad sounded louder, the real prospects for the An-225 grew dimmer. For various reasons, the program is the Energia-Buran first slowed, then completely stalled. Come shortages financing state tests of aircraft. There is some uncertainty in the Russian-Ukrainian relations, which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union turned into a big mess at the international level, related to the lack of appropriate agreements. In general, when one-sixth of the land began rapid changes, they overshadowed everything, including the fate of the largest aircraft in the world.
All these factors plus the diversion of aircraft to completion and participation in international exhibitions led to delays in the timing of its joint State trials, which began May 15, 1989. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet machine was credited with only 113 test flights a total of 253 hours 06 minutes, including 14 flights with Buran (28 hours 27 minutes). But they were satisfied with the airports located in different climatic zones of the USSR in Gostomel, Akhtubinsk, Baikonur, Borispol, Vnukovo, Yelizovo Ramenskoye, Chkalov, Khabarovsk. After Ukraine’s independence from Russia to Ukraine and Russia has become a reality, and people had time to think about something else, test the AN-225 have been renewed, but in a much abbreviated form. The issue here was not only a beggarly state funding: initially the most important task of testing the first AN-225 was seen in the verification of its suitability for transport units Energia-Buran, a project that by the time the fact has already been closed. Therefore, a fairly large portion of the test program, which provided flights with ten different loads of space (in addition to the Burana) on the external load, not even occurred. The main attention was focused on studying the qualities of an aerodynamically clean aircraft.
Results to date statement on the joke in April 1994, including commercial transportation and participation in exhibitions, Mr1ya completed 339 flight duration of 671 hours. The findings of the state joint tests of An-225 1.1, which indicates the practical compliance with the resulting characteristics of a given aircraft, was signed January 5, 1996. I must say that along with the State tests were in the process of certification of civil aircraft, a large number of operations performed in the test and went on this program, and many flights were made on purpose. We have been actively involved employees Aviation Register MAK and Ukraine, certification centers of the two countries, many independent experts. The works were stopped, when to complete the certification had to perform no more than 15-20 flights. However, this large value, in general, the unfortunate fact does not have all the same chance to use the aircraft for commercial purposes, then close to zero.
The pendulum of fate An-225, so quickly reached its peak of glory, as has fallen sharply and seemed to be forever frozen in the bottom dead center. And the aircraft for many years stood at the edge of the airfield Gostomel. The main tasks for which was created Mpiya disappeared with the closing of the program Burana, hope is on the commercial success of the transport of general cargo did not have to – an abrupt transition to world prices for fuel has led to a drop in the CIS demand for air travel, including unique . A foreign operation is not enough even for comparatively small park Ruslan. The fate of the giant seemed very uncertain, and gradually he began to withdraw from the engines, avionics single blocks and set them on Ruslana became a major source of livelihood for the Antonov aviation complex. Fortunately, all these units are quite expensive to fit both types of aircraft – another positive consequence of the decision on the development of AN-225 on the basis of AN-124.
But even in these circumstances, the creators of a miracle the plane did not lose optimism and hard work on possible options for its use. Search unfolded before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Thus, 21 June 1991 at the headquarters of the European Space Agency in Paris, presented the international aerospace system for studies of near-Earth space, consisting of the An-225, and 250-ton reusable spacecraft Interim HOTOL, developed by British company British Aerospace. Two aircraft went almost perfectly to each other, as the An-225 was originally designed for air launch similar products. This project is really about a fourfold reduction in promised cost of payload in orbit as compared to vertical launch. Among other things, Hotol could effectively solve the problem of other vehicles delivering crews to the orbiting station and from there to make their evacuation in emergency situations. But very soon the project showed a very serious disadvantage – complete lack of government funding. And private investors, as it turns out, prefer to invest only where they are quickly returned. If prior to making a profit long-term, it is almost impossible to find an investor. This truism has played in the life of the project Mriya-Hotol fatal.
It is regrettable, but it is similar fate befell a dozen projects of AN-225. By the mid-1990s, the NGO Lightning acquired the appearance of the finished system MAX (Reusable aerospace system), which provided for the delivery of 8.5-10 tons into orbit a payload in manned version and 18-19 tons – unmanned. Interestingly, in spite of the progress of work on the system in a very slow pace, Max is still not outdated and still continues to be one of the most advanced aerospace systems (ACS). On the basis of AN-225 and the individual blocks of the launch vehicle Zenit-2 was designed AKC Svityaz capable display into low orbits up to 8 tons of payload. Perhaps this system will carry more than others, because its development was included in the draft Ukrainian space program for 2002-06.
It should be noted that the search direction worthy of the aircraft are not confined to space. There was, in particular, the draft alterations to the An-225 superliner to carry 328 passengers with super high degree of comfort on flights of up to 9700 km, for example, on the route London – Abu Dhabi-Singapore – Sydney. In the three-deck fuselage planned to place sleeping compartments, conventional passenger lounges, shop, restaurant and casino. In this case, the plane had planned to equip the engines and airborne equipment manufactured by Western companies. By the way, a close level of comfort talking only Western aircraft manufacturers, most recently in connection with the beginning of the program a huge Airbus A380 passenger jet. It could be a timely occurrence of the international air-sea rescue system in which the Mriya on his back would be delivered to a ship in distress winged Eaglet development NPO. REAlekseyev from Nizhny Novgorod. Like a spacecraft, launched a Eaglet with the AN-225, alight on water, took on board the victims, after which followed the self to the nearest port. Due to the large cruising speed of a rescue system is guaranteed to seamen by the minimum time.
Alas, none of these projects were not implemented. Nevertheless, the creators of a unique aircraft believed that AN-225, which is unparalleled in the world, be sure to find a good use for a long time, and will serve as a technical and social progress. Gradually, the search narrowed, because they still did not bring real results, and crystallized the main idea: if the An-225 is destined to be the second time in the world, it would not be something exotic, but for all comprehensible commercial aircraft, but capable of carrying extremely heavy or large loads, back-breaking for other aircraft. Impressive AN-225 could be demonstrated as early as 1993, when from Volgograd to the Kola Peninsula was required to deliver large tubing for oil refining. Traditionally, the land route paved by rivers to the Arctic Ocean, and then by sea. As per the navigation to go the whole thing was impossible, on the transport operation took two years. And the use of the An-225 can reduce this period to two weeks. But this seemed to absolutely win-win plan also was put into effect …
Nevertheless, a well-founded proposals for the delivery of certain goods with unique An-225 began to appear more often. Requests came from abroad, what with the plane? Why is it unheard of? Can I place an order for transportation? And in 1995, when the market is quite clear there has been a demand for cargo heavier than he could raise Ruslan did the first recovery plan airworthiness of the An-225. General Designer signed the necessary organizing documents, including the completion of certification testing of the aircraft. But the misfortune that had happened to the AN-70, and the subsequent mobilization of all resources of the firm to build a second flying prototype machine, and then the creation of the An-140 for several years pushed the implementation of this plan.
All this time in the air transport division of ASTC. ASTC – Airlines Antonov Airlines – continued to receive inquiries about the possibility of commercial use of AN-225. Only recently have come from Siemens offers to carry an electric weighing 196 tons, from General Electric – to deliver the air steam turbine weighing more than 200 tons, from Airbus Industry – for the transportation elements of the design aircraft A380 and new versions of the A340. According to executive director K.F.Lushakova airline, today the potential market for the An-225 is very large.
In the summer of 2000, almost immediately after the completion of the certification tests of the An-140, AN-225 began the restoration work. ASTC. ASTC has launched their own money together with OJSC Motor Sich, which at its own expense and put the engines made a commitment to their operational support. The share of the Cossacks in the cost of restoring the aircraft and, consequently, future income is 30%. In addition, on a contract basis to work joined a large number of other companies, have put for the An-225 new or refurbished old equipment units and components, aircraft systems, the individual elements of design. Especially the big list of works carried out Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex, which still continues to release Ruslan. Not one penny of taxpayers of Ukraine we do not have – so P.V.Balabuev answered numerous questions of the press about the cost of work performed.
By mid-November has been completed and the diagnostics of the airframe of the aircraft, manufactured, repaired or installed most of the necessary parts and pieces of equipment, began assembling engines. Along the way, was a modification of the An-225 in the full commercial aircraft capable of flying around the world without restriction. (Recall that the original Mriya intended only for flights within the USSR). Machine equipped with collision avoidance systems in the air and on land, ensure safety with reduced vertical separation intervals, as well as new radio stations in accordance with ICAO requirements. In addition, in connection with the carriage inside the fuselage Monocargo weighing about 220 tons were reinforced cargo floor and front ramp. In February 2001, completed installation of engines, in March – the restoration of many health systems, and finished April 9 aircraft rolled out of the shop and handed testers.
Day of May 7, 2001 entered into history and aircraft, and the whole country, and air freight traffic in general. On this day the second first off, if anything, the rebirth of a giant. After a thorough ground check by running and jogging rulezhek dozens of Gostomel airfield Mpiya board under the symbol UR-82060 after a seven year hiatus, rose into the air and the crew managed A.V.Galunenko, made a 15-minute flight. And again, like 12 years ago, talking about it on TV, aerial photographic coverage of logs placed flight, responded to the event, almost all newspapers.
During the month, the An-225 performed about 20 test flights without any serious incidents, demonstrating the high reliability and successfully completing the certification program. A May 26, during a public display of aircraft at the opening of a new runway at Kiev Boryspil Airport, the chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee of the CIS T.G.Anodina handed it to the developers the type certificate. Then Mriya went to France where he exhibited at the 44th International Air Show in Le Bourget. The graceful flight of An-225 in the Parisian sky, received high marks in the Professional and caused the admiration of visitors. However, for the Antonov aircraft is not new, and times when for the sake of flying to Paris, are long gone. At the world’s most prestigious air show Mriya looking customers. And while professionals have negotiated, salon guests thought it my duty to personally visit the largest airline in the world. Of the 300,000 people who visited the exhibition, at least 200,000 were in the cargo cabin of AN-225, leaving the book reviews more than 2,000 wishes and murals. Here is what the deputy chief designer A.G.Vovnyanko: During the exhibition, the An-225 was visited by almost more people than all other aircraft combined. From morning till evening we went to the continuous stream of 5 people in a row, but on the other planes came in 1 to 2 people. Besides us, the audience’s interest was aroused by the Boeing C-17 and erbasovskaya Beluga. On visiting them was a man turns 20 – 5 run into the visitors every 5 minutes.
In Paris, Mriya has reached the desired effect, and it sparked interest in the direction in which we planned – said at a press conference at the end of the exhibition, Deputy Chairman of State Committee prompolitiki V.P.Kazakov. – AN-225 appeared very timely: in the transport market is the large loads that are at the An-124-100 does not deliver. By some estimates, the annual need for transport is around 20-25 flights. Similar view is held by an influential British newspaper Financial Times, which published an article entitled Shestimotorny giant – Antonov dream that came true. The newspaper writes that the Mriya, losing the prestigious role of carrier of the Soviet shuttle finally found a new scope and, despite the difficulties, still goes to the market this autumn air super bulky cargo.
We conclude … the story of one of the most amazing aircraft in history. But the story does not end the An-225. Today, this huge white flying machine is on the verge, perhaps, the main phase of his career. In front of her waiting breathtaking transport operations, world records, commercial success and enduring fame. The second copy of the An-225, according to P.V.Balabueva, prepared by 65%. At present, its construction will be completed as a joint effort ASTC. ASTC and OAO Motor Cich. However, progress of work on the aircraft is made dependent on the success of commercial flights first car market and a willingness to take another supergruzovik. Well, let’s hope that everything is exactly what happens.

Antonov An-225 cockpit

Antonov An-225 Specs

Modification AN-225
Wing span, m 88.40
Length, m 84.00
Height, m 18.10
Wing area, m2 905.0
Weight, kg
Empty 250 000
maximum take-off 600 000
Internal fuel, kg 300 000
Engine Type 6 turbojet Progress (Lotarev) D-18
Thrust, kN 6 × 229.47
Cruising speed, km / h 800-850
Ferry range, km 15,000
Range, km 4000
Service ceiling, m 11,600
Crew 6.7
Payload: to 250 000 kg of cargo

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