May 28 1969. France and West Germany agreed to establish cooperation with the firm Hawker Siddeley of the European Airbus. Planning began in September 1969., And in December 1970. the project was ready aircraft Airbus A300 . As the power plant was chosen turbofan General Electric CF6, but on serial machines, he could be replaced by another engine in its class. Layouts Cabin inside the fuselage of circular cross section provided accommodation from 220 to 336 passengers. Modern Wing with a full set of mechanization was designed by Hawker Siddeley.

The first two aircraft were designated A300B1, and one of them (F-WUAB) first flew on October 28, 1972, and the second – February 5, 1973 was followed by two aircraft A300B2, designed for mass production. The first four machines were long flight tests, and March 15, 1974 were European, 30 May 1974. – American certificate. On the same day, Air France made its first flight between Paris and London. Passengers were surprised by the high comfort and low noise in the cabin. 6 April 1978. Company Eastern Air Lines has ordered the first 38 aircraft Airbus A300. It was a version of the A300B4 with increased fuel capacity, Kruger flaps, increased takeoff weight and flight range. The British government in 1978. acquired 20 percent stake in the project. The main shareholders were the company Aerospatiale and Deutsche Airbus (37,9 percent), and the Spanish CASA had a 4.2 percent stake. Participants in the program were two more companies: Concern Dutch Fokker and the Belgian organization Belairbus.

Beginning with the 1978., Airbus A300 aircraft are constantly developed and improved. The plane was a converted A300C4 combi version with a large cargo door on the left side. This aircraft and its passenger version were replaced with new ones that have extra rows of seats, a new cockpit for two pilots and a wide range of small improvements to reduce the drag forces and weight of the aircraft. The resulting aircraft A300-600 first flew on July 8 1983. and became the main serial machine after the last plane left the A300B4 lines at the end of 1984. The aircraft was manufactured in versions: A300-600R with increased takeoff weight and balancing the fuel tank in the stabilizer to increase the range and A300-600 Convertible – passenger aircraft.

Airbus A300 Specifications

Modification :  A300
Wing span, m 44.84
Length, m 54.10
Height, m 16.54
Wing area, m2 260.00
Weight, kg
unladen aircraft 90,100
maximum take-off 165 000
Engine Type Two turbofan General Electric CF6-80C2A1 (Pratt Whitney PW4000)
Thrust, kgf 2 x 25,400 (27,900)
Maximum speed, km / h 940
Cruising speed, km / h 895
Range, km 7700
Service ceiling, m 12,200
Crew 2
Payload 266 passengers or 34,900 kg of cargo

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