New Polish charter airline Bingo Airways embarked on its first flight on the aircraft type Airbus A320, the press service of Airbus. “By the end of the 2012 fleet of this type will be extended up to three units. New aircraft A320, equipped with engines IAEV2500, economy-class cabin are designed to carry 180 passengers, “- explained in the company.

Airbus A320 aircraft

The carrier’s route network is concentrated mainly in the Mediterranean (Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Tunisia). The base for Bingo Airways airports in Poland and the Warsaw Chopin will Katowice Airport. “We are extremely pleased that our company has opted for a family of aircraft A320, which give us a significant advantage over competitors in the Polish market of charter flights. Machines such as A320 provide the necessary level of capacity required range, and a high comfort level that corresponds to the key provisions of our strategy, “- said Marek Sidor, head of the Bingo Airways.

“We are pleased to welcome Bingo Airways in the number of operators of vehicles Airbus. A320 planes have the most comfortable cabin and enjoy the best-performance single-aisle market cars. These aircraft are very popular, like the airlines and the passengers, “- said John Leahy, Airbus Executive Director to work with clients.

To date, the order of 8.400 AirbusA320 family aircraft have been sold to more than 360 customers from around the world. This best-selling commercial airplane in history of world aviation. A320 aircraft have a high reliability and service life, as well as the lowest operating costs among all the narrow-body cars, specified in the Airbus.

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